Saturday, May 5, 2012

A New York Dream

I am currently sitting aboard a Boeing 747 with 3 hours and 22 minutes left before I hit the pavement in Los Angeles. However, I'm in a funny conundrum because I feel as though I just departed from the true "City of Angels."
What a wonderful trip. New York City provided me with the inspiration and motivation that has been lacking in my life over the past few months. Within minutes of touching down this past Monday night I knew I had come home. Home to a place called Newark. Ok, maybe the Newark Airport isn't really where the magic happened. Driving through Manhattan and walking the streets on my way to meet friends later that night is when I truly felt that NYC is the place I need to be. There is so much life. So much talent. And above all, such wonderful people that all happened to be in the same place at the same time. My trip started with a 3-story hike up to Matt Dorame's apartment, where I would be spending the first night alone as he and Rich were out on a little vacation and coming home the next day. With help from a Labra-Doodle toting neighbor I made the hike up the stairs with 3 bags, quickly changed my clothes, and trotted right back down the stairs and out the door to meet up with two beauties from Orange County. A little Chapman Sorority reunion ensued at a fun eatery over on 28th and Park where we gabbed the night away and caught up on recent events in each of our lives. I tucked into a cozy night sleep and drifted off to the sounds of the city.
One of my favorite things to do in New York, whether I'm living there or just visiting, is to find a cute coffee shop to grab a good cup of joe and get some work done. I was extremely successful! I found a Stumptown Coffee Roasters on 29th and Park that is adjacent to the darling Ace Hotel. The coffee was insane and the scenery, free wifi, and people watching were magnificent. I spent the morning shooting off emails and buying flights for my travels ahead. Very productive in the rainy New York weather. I hit up the apartment again before headed up towards midtown. I had to see good ol' Radio City Music Hall and make sure I knew the train route I would be traveling to get me to the audition the next morning. As per my tradition I was listening to "Empire State of Mind" as I walked up the steps out of the subway and witnessed the classic beauty that is Radio City. I had to just stare at it for a while. I still can't believe I actually performed there. It still feels like a dream.
I walked up to City Center and took a ballet barre to get the body moving a bit. That night, as per tradition again… I met up with the one and only John Boy at Je Bon Sushi in the East Village. Such a delicious dynamite roll and great conversation as always. I hit the sack antsy and excited for what the next day had in store. Compared to last year, I definitely got a lot more sleep before heading into the Rockette Audition. Our call was 10am, so in my own dramatic fashion I decided to leave the house by 8am so I could leisurely grab breakfast and take my time getting to Radio City, but still getting there by 9am. It was such a wonderful reunion! Seeing the girls brought back all the wonderful memories from the season and dancing in the large hall was just a blast. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time I was in that room and was just taking in the moment. I feel like it went well, but all you can do is your best, so we will have to wait and see. Right after auditions a group of us hit up Bill's Bar and Burgers right down the street and indulged in burgers and sweet potato fries! Delicious. I headed back to Matt's, cleaned myself off, and then took the train back up to midtown to see "Newsies"! Thayne managed to wrangle four house seats and we were treated to a wonderful performance by such a talented group of dancers. Voices were lost from all the screaming! Who knew that the day would just keep getting better and better? After the show we met the cast and snapped some pics. I then headed to a nearby hotel where my Odyssey family happened to be staying while shooting a new TV show! I could have cried seeing those faces. The faces of my ODT family, all there (minus some very important people), reunited in the Big Apple! What a day. The rest of the trip consisted of a Sarabeth's brunch with the lovely Serena, followed by a spontaneous shopping spree in SOHO. Then a quick meet up with Phoebe on her coffee break before ending my last night in the city at an Italian dinner with Matt, Rich, and Sarah. Thank you Lasagna on 18th and 8th. You were quite a hike to get to, but so worth every step.
Overall, the Big Apple served me well. I hope to move back soon and continue living my dream as a Radio City Rockette.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Photo Collage

What a beautiful quote that rings so true. It is so nice to come to an age in life, for me the ripe ol' age of 26, and be able to be comfortable and confidant in new decisions. My decisions. To find who I want to be in this wonderful world and run with it. Be true, be you. Some more photos, that in essence are me:

Friday, March 23, 2012

A new adventure?

So, for the first time in my life I have had spare time. Extra time. Nothing to do time. It has been an interesting journey to decide how to fill my time and what to do with it. Through the struggle of a day to day without a schedule I have found clarity. I know the things I want in life: To travel, help others, lead a healthy life, and learn new things. Through this enlightenment I have been researching a couple of different avenues. I think I will be taking a trip through Cross Cultural Solutions to Costa Rica to volunteer within the next six months and also start looking into furthering my education. We shall see. More to come...

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Costumes, Parties, and Friends... Oh my!

So this may be a bit confusing because I already made a post about opening night, but this past Wednesday was the "Official" Opening Night of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular's 2011 Season! Hooray. The night started out a bit rainy, but once inside the music hall all was well.
I was so excited to start out the night with a PR in the Roxy Suite where a group of us got the chance to meet and greet children and board members of the Garden of Dreams Foundation, a wonderful non-profit group that helps kids in need. It was such a fun event to be a part of. 15 of the kids had the chance to perform on the Radio City Stage with Darryl McDaniels of Run DMC before the show and they were so thrilled.
The event ended right as the show was starting down stairs, so I jumped out of my costume, into a purple dress, gobbled down some pasta, and headed to my seat to watch the Gold Cast do their thing! What an awesome performance. It was really fun being a part of the audience and get to take in the show from a different perspective. I can't believe that I'm actually a Radio City Rockette. It still hits me everyday when I walk to work. The beautiful Kersten Todey was in town to celebrate the occasion and what a fun night we had!
Here's the two Blue Cast newbies with our amazing dance captain in the center. What an amazing experience it has been so far, and mostly because we have had such wonderful guidance. A true inspiration and leader.
Here are some of the costumes in the show. This is the New York at Christmas dress and jacket. Darling if I do say so myself. And brand new this year!
My very favorite number in the show is towards the end and is called "Shine." I still have to try and keep my composure every single time this song starts! It makes me so emotional, 1. because the meaning behind the message is amazing, 2. this number really makes me feel like a true rockette, and 3. a part of the dance was the combo used in the audition! This photo really doesn't do the costume justice, but at least you can get a sense of what it's like. The number opens with all 36 Rockettes on a huge, glittering staircase, which explains the true reason I have to keep from tearing up because about 3 eight-counts in I have to walk down some stairs. Really I only have to walk down three, but trust me tears do not help the situation.
Well I am off to bed. Tucking in early for another 10am show tomorrow and couldn't be more excited to wake up and put on a reindeer outfit! I will pinch myself, yet again :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodmorning NYC

What a wonderful way to be welcomed to work! I decided to take the scenic route from my sublet on 45th and 9th to Radio City Music Hall and ended up walking through Times Square in the morning (which is the best time to see the place), strolled past the Today show as it was taping live, and walked underneath the HUGE Christmas tree being set up at Rockefeller Center.

I thought I had seen all there was to see on my morning commute, but as I turned the corner onto 51st street I stumbled upon another surprise! The stars of the "Living Nativity" were getting their morning exercise right there in the middle of Manhattan. Three camels, one of which is named Ted, were standing in the middle of the street right outside the stage entrance. What a funny sight!

Every single time I look at the camels they make me giggle! Just look at those teeth! Hah. Hopefully we will cross paths again this morning. Off to another wonderful day at the Music Hall, which I'm sure will be full of wonderful surprises and more fun stories to share. Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Opening Night!

I can't even believe it's here. Opening night at Radio City Music Hall for the Christmas Spectacular. We had two invited dress rehearsal shows a couple nights ago and both were fantastic. It is such a dream to be standing on the great stage and look out to a full audience of people, and even better to know that friends are in the audience. Thanks Phoebe, Jenni, Nicole, Gwen, Chelsea, and Cassi for making it a special night for me.

Last night, November 11, 2011 was my official opening night as a Radio City Rockette. We had two sold out shows, an 11am and a 2pm and both went absolutely splendid! In between shows I walked outside into Rockefeller Center and saw the amazing Christmas Tree being hoisted up at the Rock Center ice skating rink! Unbelievable. I had the most darling experiences with some little kids who noticed the red lips and french twist and put two and two together. It was darling to meet little girls that had just seen the show! They ask the best questions in the world. My favorite of the bunch being, "Why do the soldiers fall over?"

Our awesome swings for the show scurried up to each of the 5 dressings rooms in Radio CIty during our curtain call and left us a little surprise to share before we headed to McCormick and Schmicks for a fun happy hour, made complete with drinks and appetizers. The champagne was delightful and the after-show party was such a blast. It was so fun to hang out with the blue cast and get to know even more about that awesome people that I get the chance to share the stage with every night!

I was on such a high walking home from Radio City. First show down, a great evening spent with friends, and headed to a cozy bed. I had no idea that my night would get so much better. I walked into my Hell's Kitchen apartment to find a FedEx post on the main door that said Natalie Reid (box in lobby). I searched that lobby... no box. Weird. Walked up six flights of stairs and opened my door to find a big box in my kitchen with my name on it. How exciting! I ripped open the package like a 6 year old on Christmas morning to find a box full of chocolate covered strawberries and a "good luck on opening night" note from my three best friends back home in Seattle. Jenny, Lauren, and Sarah you guys absolutely made my opening night! It was the most thoughtful thing to come home to such a sweet gift and I cried in my kitchen, alone, eating chocolate covered strawberries, a little tipsy, at 7:30pm! What a fantastic night.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A new year, a new life...

I can't believe it has been an entire year since my last post! How time flies...

I have had some amazing experiences throughout this past year, and my life has, once again, taken me on an unexpected journey. I am now living in New York City! And not just anywhere in the big apple, I am living two blocks west of Times Square in a hip and happening neighborhood called Hell's Kitchen. The night life in this place is insane and the streets are filled with cool bars, quaint restaurants, and hidden boutiques.

This is my new office! I can't even believe it, but I actually walk to Radio City Music Hall everyday to be a Radio City Rockette. We actually have our very first dress rehearsal later today, and we open tomorrow!!!

Life in New York has been full of adventure so far and I am sure there is so much more to come. My days have been filled with meeting up with old friends and making new ones, Oktoberfest, Halloween festivities, and finding my favorite local spots.

Ocktoberfest with Serena and Gwen, two friends from college. We had a blast catching up and trying all the pumpkin ales, pickles, pretzels, and cookies in sight!

I hosted a Halloween get together at my tiny apartment with friends from high school, college, and the Rockettes! It was quite a fun mix of people complete with pumpkin carving, scary movies, and Halloween treats! The holiday decorations were provided by my darling mother in her annual Halloween box! I can not describe how excited I was to receive her darling gift in the mail. Lugging the box up my 6-Floor walk-up was another story, but it all paid off, and I had one very festive apartment to show for it! Thanks mom.

Amy's Bread is officially my favorite place to grab fresh, home made baked goods and lucky me, it's right across the street from my house. So far, my favorite has been Rosemary Black Olive Bread! They have the most delicious looking treats as well, and every time the door opens a little bell rings and you are invited into the most lovely smelling spot! Honestly, walking into this place is a treat in itself. Come visit me and we can share a cupcake!

So far, New York has been filled with adventure. I definitely miss my Seattle girls, my Utah ODT family, and my actual family, and being on the East Coast is definitely a lot further away than I thought it would feel. But I am living my dreams and having fun along the way. Until next time, which will be soon :)